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Shopping for a Wig or Hairpiece? Wigs and hairpieces are more natural than ever before. They are soft, fashionable, and light weight. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles.

•100% Synthetic Wigs Constructed with the highest quality man-made fibers. These wigs are extremely life-like and are easy to maintain.

Hand-tied Wigs: Wigs that are made by hand are fuller and give the most natural look. Lighter in weight and comfortable to wear.

Machine-made Wigs: Wigs that are made by machines are usually less expensive than hand-tied wigs.

Monofilament Top: A separate cap, which gives a natural look and comfortable fit. Can be parted either side.

Lace Front Wigs: Lace front wigs give the appearance of a hairline so the hair can be worn off the face.

Let ruby’s help you find the perfect one. We offer a large selection of wigs and hairpieces from top designers. With over 100 wigs on display we are sure to fit all of your needs. Ruby’s has been serving the Houston and surrounding area for over 40 years.

Special Needs: Breast Cancer Awareness: Ruby’s has helped hundreds of women to keep their natural appearance during difficult times while undergoing chemotherapy. We specialize in working with client needs related to: Side effects from chemotherapy



•Natural hair loss

•Fashion At Ruby’s we can make you Look Good and Feel Better.

When selecting a wig for the first time it is good to:

•Set aside time to select your wig in a non-hurried atmosphere.

•Bring someone as support to help you select your wig. •Make your selection close to your normal hairstyle and color so you will be comfortable with it. many of our customers use this time to try on different styles and colors.

•Bring in a picture if you already have hair loss

•Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the first wig for customers in chemotherapy.

•Request that your physician write a "prescription" for a "full cranial prosthesis" (not a wig) and a letter explaining hair loss and its effects.


Ruby's offers several options when purchasing a wig.


Buy 2 get 1 Free offer. Lowest price of the 3 pieces is free.

You get full service from our cosmetologist.  Trimming of your wig is included in the price.


We will also do a internet Price Match.  We will match prices on the internet from a authorized supplier from the same companies we purchase from.  We will not match prices from ebay, amazon or other discount or closeout companies. Call for details and pricing.


Come to Ruby's and we will do our best to match any online advertised price and also give you full service with fit, color and style.  Why go through the trouble of returning wigs when the color you chose online does not match what you wanted.  At Ruby's we treat you like a person not a dollar sign.

Ruby's offers many items that you can't find online and are unique to our store.  We will still give you competitive pricing on all our products.

Ruby's is recommended by many oncologist in the Houston area.  When you come to Ruby's you can take your time, relax and try on any of our 200 wigs we have in stock.

Helping those who need help.

In January 2013 Ruby's Wigs salon decided to help those with special needs. If you know someone going through chemotherapy and is in need of a wig please email us their story at We will review all letters and once a month we will donate a new wig to one person in need. At Ruby's we understand the need to "Look Good and Feel Better" during one of the most challenging times in your life. We hope you will feel at home when you visit Ruby's Wigs. Customer Service We pride ourselves in giving the most professional and personal service and knowledge of wigs to our customers. We believe that ruby’s Wig Salon sets the standard for excellence in providing customers with the best customer service possible. Come see us for all you alternative hair needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help you.